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Dog Training Webinars

What are Training Webinars..?

What are Training Webinars..?

Our Training Webinars are basically online versions of our DogTalks initiative which aims to bring professional dog training demonstrations to your doorstep - or in this case to your screen!

These FREE online events will allow dog owners and potential dog owners to avail of expert advice from professional dog trainers during live talks and demonstrations online.

These are free but spaces are limited so please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

How Do The Webinars Work..?

Very Simply. Our webinars are run through YouTube and streamed live though our YouTube Channel. So you can join the hangout to interact and ask questions or just watch the live stream to see the training demonstration and discussions.

We will advertise upcoming events here and on our Facebook channel and you will just need to click the link to access when the hanout is active.

Upcoming Webinars... for May 2019.

Everything you need to know before you adopt a dog.

Adopting a dog has never been easier. Just a couple of clicks, a credit card payment and like magic puppy is yours. Congratulations. However if your research is less than adequate you may find this a very costly and heart-breaking ill-advised adventure.

This webinar takes you on a step by step approach, outlining different options prior to adoption, the contractual approach, and necessary after adoption tips. 

Problem solving – Recall & Leash pulling.

Not too long ago letting your dog off the leash was a normal part of life. Now however new bylaws have now restricted past freedoms. In this webinar we provide simple guidance on how to get your dog to come back on command, and how to address leash pulling & lunging problems.

Places limited. Book here.


Looking after another person’s dog.

Be it a favour for a friend or a planned fixed income as a pet sitter, there will always be times when your visitor is overcome with anxiety.  This webinar provides tips and information on how to address some of those issues.on how to address some of those issues.


Places limited. Book here.