An Introduction To Dog Training

By Suzanne Clothier

“It takes time, patience and careful training to educate your dog so he is a welcome member of the family who enjoys his life.”

With every puppy or dog we bring into our lives, we also bring hopes and dreams about the joys of having a dog to share our life. But it takes more than dreams and love and daily care to have the kind of dog we’ve dreamed about. It takes training skills so the dog can learn how to behave, what to do, what not to do. Dogs are not born well behaved. It takes time, patience and careful training to educate your dog so he is a welcome member of the family who enjoys his life.


Sometimes, you just need a new perspective, or maybe just some simple techniques you did not know would make training easier. At other times, you may be struggling with a more challenging dog or behaviour problem. Either way, what everyone needs is ready access, 24/7, to a qualified Training Instructor to help you and your dog. Dog Internet of Things offers professional training service when you need it.


Good training helps create good relationships between people and dogs. And good relationships mean dogs live out their lives being loved, cherished and cared for, not in shelters or rescues -- or worse. Give yourself and your dog the gift of knowledge and skill from the professionals at Dog Internet of Things.

About Suzanne Clothier

Suzanne Clothier received wide spread praise from every corner of the dog world, twice being included in The Wall Street Journal's list of Top 5 Dog Books. An award winning author of videos, books, booklets and numerous articles, Suzanne’s writings have appeared around the world in countless languages from Danish to Japanese.

All You Need Is Clear Communication

By Tara Power

“A skilled trainer doesn’t need to put their hands on a dog when teaching a behaviour.”

Dogs don’t have it as easy as we like to think they do. As a society we place incredibly high expectations on them; their species and ours behave very differently but they are expected to interact perfectly with both. They need to be cuddly but not needy. Playful but not hyperactive. Affectionate but happy to be left alone. Guard us but not be aggressive. Add to that an unlimited tolerance of children and other dogs and it’s a very tall order.

The fact is, we need to teach our dogs to interact with the complicated world they live in. Polite behaviour isn’t built-in and it doesn’t come magically (just like humans!). It’s up to us to teach them the behaviours that make it enjoyable for humans and dogs to live together.

 “Training” isn’t a finite task or chore. Real training happens in your everyday interactions with your dog; what you accept, what you don’t accept, what you ask for, what you reward. A lot of problems that dog owners face can very often be solved with a simple technique or environment amendment. A simple “why didn’t I think of that sooner?!” tip can go a long way.

The concept of live video training is attractive to me as it gives accessibility to qualified trainers to everyone, regardless of location or schedule. There is no reason for a dog to miss out on valuable training due to training classes not being a feasible option. While I love any opportunity to interact with dogs and their owners in person, I feel that opening an additional channel of communication is extremely beneficial. A skilled trainer doesn’t need to put their hands on a dog when teaching a behaviour; all you need is clear communication between trainer & owner, and owner & dog which can now be further enabled by the power of the internet.